Harvest to Hand Hemp Protein Yoghurt Whip

Harvest to Hand Hemp Protein Yoghurt Whip

Harvest to Hand Protein Yoghurt Whip:

Protein is essential to have in your every day diet especially if its a complete protein. Hemp Protein contains all the essential amino acids required by your body that your body doesn't produce on its own therefore it must be consumed via your diet. This extra protein kick will keep you feeling full whilst assisting with tissue growth and repair and the daily functioning of our bodies. The high fibre found in Hemp Seed Protein is the perfect aid to gut health and bowel functionality.

This recipe is simple and easy to do in the morning for breakfast to get you going for the day or even as a snack.


4 Tbsp yoghurt (dairy or non dairy)

1 Tbsp of protein powder




Thawed frozen berries or fresh

HH Muesli

HH hemp hearts

Drizzle of Manuka Honey



Mix both the yoghurt and the protein powder thoroughly until it blends well into a thick whip.

Top with whatever you like.

We use thawed berries, homemade muesli and HH hearts to top it off.


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