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Harvest to Hand is a family affair, founded by Holleigh Ellis, Ian Ellis and Dylan Pearce in 2020, and based on the Ellis' family farm in Tikokino, Central Hawke's Bay. The brand's vision is to provide good, wholesome food products, grown sustainably in their own backyard, to New Zealanders who prioritise a healthy lifestyle.

While Harvest to Hand's first product line is hemp-based (one of the world's most sustainable plants), the team has exciting new products in the pipeline, and will continue to diversify in the coming years, in keeping with the constant evolution of the Ellis' farm.

The farm has a rich history; it's been in the family for three generations. John Ellis purchased an 800-acre property in 1965, and raised livestock for 35 years. When his son Ian Ellis took over in 2000, he discovered a deep aquifer beneath the farm. This allowed the family to add pivot irrigators, purchase neighbouring land and ultimately diversify the farm's practices and grow specialised crops that wouldn't usually withstand the long hot summers that Hawke's Bay is renowned for.

Fast-forward to the present day, where Holleigh and her partner Dylan work alongside Ian on the farm, and the Harvest to Hand business.

Holleigh is a Food Scientist, with several years' experience working across various stages of the food supply chain. Dylan is from a farming background, and has several years' experience managing his own family business. Both Holleigh and Dylan are passionate about healthy food and lifestyle. This passion, combined with access to the well-established, diverse farm, is the premise Harvest to Hand was founded upon.

Harvest to Hand's promise is to keep its products simple: there will never be 100 ingredients listed on the label; products will remain as natural as possible. It's the beauty of the brand – owning the entire process from harvest to hand. 




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