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Protecting the planet for future generations is a key focus across all aspects of Harvest to Hand's brand. Here are the steps we're taking to ensure we are  sustainable.

Only sustainable crops

Sustainability informs our every business decision, including which crops we choose to grow. Our flagship product line is hemp, which is one of the world's most sustainable plants. Unlike any other crop, hemp consumes up to five times more CO2 than an average tree. It also requires very little water and no pesticides or herbicides, meaning we're able to organically grow crops.

Locally-grown and manufactured

Every Harvest to Hand food product is grown, sorted, dressed and hand-labelled right here on our Hawke's Bay farm, and manufactured in New Zealand. This minimises emissions traditionally associated with transport.

Shipping and packaging

Our products are shipped in 100% recycled craft paper, without excess plastic wrapping. Our bottles are also recyclable, and our vision is to become 100% compostable or recyclable, and we kindly ask all customers to reuse our Harvest to Hand packaging whenever possible.


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