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Robert's Seeded bread recipe

This recipe is all thanks to one of our wonderful customers Robert. Robert is a whizz in the kitchen and loves sharing all his delicious healthy hemp recipes with us and we thought it would be rude not to share them with you to all enjoy.


100g hemp hearts
140g sunflower seeds
70g hazelnuts or almonds
150g rolled oats
25g chia seeds
30g psyllium seed husks (a little less if using psyllium husk powder) 1 tsp. salt
1 Tbsp. honey
25g hemp seed oil
350ml water


Mix well all the above ingredients, then add the water and mix it until an evenly moist dough forms (no kneading as such is required). Add a little bit more water if the dough is very stiff. Once all is combined put it into a silicon bread tin and smooth the top of the bread (or line a regular bread tin with baking paper).
Rest the dough for at least two hours (or over night) to allow the pysillium husks to swell and soak up the water. Bake at 160
oC for about 45-50 minutes (should sound hollow when you turn it out and knock on the bottom). Bread cuts easier the next day and stores for up to 5 days (keep in mind the high water content can make it go mouldy easily).

The bread freezes well and comes up mouth-wateringly beautiful when toasted.



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