Harvest to Hand Summer Fresh Salad Recipe

Harvest to Hand Summer Fresh Salad Recipe

The Summer months are coming to a close but this is a staple salad for us here at Harvest to Hand because nothing beats a steak and salad according to Dylan.

This salad is cheap, easy and very versatile. Feel free to swap and change out ingredients to suit your taste buds. 



Couple of handfuls of Rocket or Spinach (some sort of greens)

10 Cherry Tomatoes

½ Red capsicum

¼ Feta

¼ Red onion

10 Olives

HH Hempseed Oil

HH Hemp Hearts

Balsamic vinegar

Salt and pepper



Place greens into salad bowl and drizzle hemp oil over greens. Massage greens with oil, this softens the greens.

Half cherry tomatoes and olives and sprinkle over greens.

Dice up capsicum, red onion, feta and sprinkle over top of the greens and tomatoes. 

Top salad with HH Hemp Hearts, Balsamic and Salt and Pepper too season.


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