Healthy Hemp Potato Salad – Harvest to Hand

Healthy Hemp Potato Salad

Choose your quantities relevant to how big you want to make your salad. 




New potatoes

Spinach or mesclun salad

Peas - blanched

Red onion and/or spring onion diced

Chives and/or parsley finely chopped

Hemp Hearts sprinkled



Squeeze of lemon

Spoonful of greek yoghurt

Dash of Hempseed oil

Squeeze of Aioli

Salt and pepper


Boil new potatoes until they are soft. Just before the potatoes are almost done put in peas to blanch. Massage mesclun or spinach with hempseed oil an then through on the rest of the salad ingredients. 

Put all dressing ingredients in an empty jar and shake. Taste before drizzling over salad. 



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